What you can create with Renaissance Ribbons

The detail and bold colours that can be achieved using ribbons make them the perfect material for some seriously stunning little projects that can easily be made in a weekend. Here's a round-up of our favourite projects using renaissance ribbons.

If you were following our #WhatWe’reMaking posts then you will have seen Margaret's gorgeous ribbon & felt necklace, inspired by Janet Haigh’s book - Little Ribbon & Patchwork Applique.

Margaret rolls felt tightly around a fine wooden skewer, then hand stitches ribbons with textured threads on top to create her gorgeous chunky beads. She also used large plastic beads to go in between her felt ones and embellishes to create this fabulous necklace.

Other projects from Janet’s delightful book include ribbon yo-yo’s which can be used to decorate anything you can get your paws on, and ‘crazy ribbon patchwork’ like this one below.

                                           www.janethaigh.wordpress.com                        www.janethaigh.wordpress.com

Be sure to visit Janet’s blog for loads more inspiration. She has done how-to’s on the ribbon beads here and the yo-yo’s here.

Amy Butler is an inspiring ribbon artist, having made many beautiful bags and purses. In her ‘Ribbon Creative Suite’ Amy has patterns for seven different projects including headbands, cushions and bracelets, which all look amazing with the high quality jacquard ribbons.

But these lovely ribbons are not limited to small projects only. This stunning quilt is made by Elaine Schmidt and shows how well ribbons can be incorporated into large fabric projects.

Elaine is another pioneer of crafting with ribbons, and her blog is bursting with fantastic ideas such as this ribbon petal cockade (tutorial here) and this crazy mini quilt
If you are keen to give crafting with ribbons a go, check out her hints & tips for sewing with ribbons

You can also find some more free projects with ribbons on sew4home, such as this fold over wallet and these gorgeous dog collar & leash sets.
www.sew4home.com                                             www.sew4home.com
Are you feeling inspired by all these stunning creations? If so, head over to our ribbons collection now for a browse.

We also have loads more ideas on how to get creative with ribbons on our dedicated Pinterest board.

We would love to see what you create with these beautiful ribbons so be sure to tell us and send in a picture!


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