What We're Making Day #3 with Jayne

Good morning folks! We hope you have been enjoying our #WhatWereMaking posts so far! Today we are chatting with our resident patchwork maestro, Jayne!

Tell us a bit about your project:
I love all things Japanese. The Sevenberry fabrics have a fantastic texture and tone of colour which make them so tactile. I knew that I had to have some of the fabric so bought a couple of charm packs and some meterage and stashed it away at home.
I saw a YouTube video of a quick patchwork technique to make quarter square triangle units and wanted to have a go, and knew straight away which fabrics would suit.

Any hints/tips for someone who might want to make your project?
Pin, pin and pin! When you join the blocks together all of the sides are on the bias and so can stretch if you’re not careful. If you pin at each seam and in between then they go together very well.

What or who got you into patchwork & quilting?
When I was young I can remember sitting on the floor next to my mom picking the next brown paper hexagon out of the box for her so that it was ready for the next offcut of fabric, which she had made from old crinoline dresses. She and my Nan were always sewing or knitting so it seemed natural to join in.
What project are you most proud of?
A king size quilt that I managed to man-handled under my domestic sewing machine to free motion quilt. It now takes pride of place on my bed. It took several years on and off to make the top and was then shelved for a couple more, waiting for the determination and courage  to layer and quilt it.
What project was your biggest disaster and why?
I made a dress once, proudly wore it the very next day, stepped up onto a chair to reach something and managed to rip it up the back seam as I stepped down – I’ve not ventured into dressmaking since.
Who is your favourite fabric designer/brand?
I’ve never been one for bright colours so I surprise myself when I say that my favourite designer has to be Tula Pink. Here colours remind me of the 80s – whatever that says about me!!
What tool/notion could you not live without?
I don’t use lots of gizmos and fancy notions. I think that my most used tool is my Omnigrip 6” x 12” ruler. It’s a really handy size.  
What current collection do you have your eye on and what will you make with it?
The new Christmas Scandi fabrics. I have some of last year’s collection as charm packs and think that the new range will blend in really well.

Finally, any wise words or top tips for our fellow patchwork & quilters?
Cut accurately as it makes block piecing so much easier.
Take inspiration from lots of designers and photographs that you can find on the internet, but don’t be put off because you don’t think that you can be as good. Everyone started somewhere...

Thanks Jayne! We love your lap quilt. In tomorrow’s #WhatWe’reMaking we will be chatting with Nik.


Jayne Plain said…
It's meant to say crimplene not crinoline. Mom says that she's not that old!

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