Friday, 31 October 2014

Art Quilt Prize for Swan Quilt by Hilde van Schaardenburg

We were delighted to receive a phone call last week from The Cotton Patch's Handi Quilter Ambassador Hilde van Schaardenburg who was at the Open European Quilt Championships in the Netherlands. She had won First Prize in the Art Quilt Category at the Championship!

Hilde van Schaardenburg
Here Hilde shares some of her inspiration and thoughts on the quilt - it is the first one that she has entered in a competition using her Handi Quilter HQ18 Avante, As she doesn't have a lot of space and generally works on small quilts she has the frame set up at 6'.

We hope you enjoy reading about Hilde and her quilt entitled The Threatened Swan which is based on an old master painting. You can read more about Hilde van Schaardenburg on her website

Hilde will be teaching at The Cotton Patch in 2015 - look out for more details on our website!

The Threatened Swan

2014 146 x 93 cm

Threatened Swan Quilt by Hilde van Schaardenburg

Detail of Threatened Swan Quilt by Hilde van Schaardenburg

Translated and edited from an original interview by Ineke Schotanus / Quiltkompas 2014.

For Hilde van Schaardenburg the theme of the Open European Quilt Championships "Old Masters" was very challenging but in a positive sense. In order to achieve this required research and preparation. The examination and definition of exactly what the term "Old Master" meant - it relates to works from the heyday of the Dutch and Flemish painters of the 17th century, including many of the works in the National Museums in Amsterdam and Haarlem. With her knowledge of and experience of their paintings her appreciation for the work of these artists increased enormously. 

One thing that was immediately clear was the choice of work. "The Threatened Swan" by Jan Asselijn. "I knew the work, but had not previously considered doing anything about it. When this subject came up, I did not think about it very long. I knew immediately: this is it ".
The next step for Hilde was to go to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, where her Swan is in the hall of fame where the Night Watch Masterpiece by Rembrandt hangs. To her surprise and joy she could take as many pictures as she wanted, even close ups.

"What fascinates me is how the painter could portray it as it is. Remember that at that time they could not take pictures. How could he view this and get it so lifelike, the exact moment in which this swan, a female, is startled by a little black dog, which is in the left corner of the painting. "

Through the research of the painting and the empathy that developed with the painter her understanding of his art deepened, and therefore her admiration of him. "This is another part of my qualification as a quilt judge." (Hilde is a certified quilt judge after a two-year course with the Quilters Guild in the UK).

Another decision for Hilde: how to reproduce this Jan Asselijn piece.

The Threatened Swan by Jan Asselijn

She decided to make a study of the crackle of the painting and this is where she started to work very intensively. "What/how breaks paint on canvas? I made ​​all kinds of sketches of this type of line, to make me familiar with it. I had to think of a solution for how to break up short lines and portray these through a continuous line, using the HQ18 Avante longarm. "

After all these preparations, she worked with Corinne Zambeek-van Hasselt, an expert in dyeing fabric, to develop a cloth with the background colors of the painting, the beige and blue. Onto that cloth Hilde then applied the crackle lines. She has a part of the work - the head and a wing - painted here. This part is increased by means of a halftone technique. It is deliberately not a copy, but becomes an interpretation of the original.

The result was then again worked on the longarm. At this stage, it was further painted with yarn: the head, the feathers, to create the finishing touches. As a final part she decided to add some Swarovski crystals, in chalky-white, marble and opal white, blue and green.
Remarkably, her response when I ask her what she likes by the result. "I'm a little overwhelmed by what came out. But I'm satisfied. It is good. "

Hilversum, October 20, 2014

Ineke Schotanus, QuiltKopas

Details of the Quilt:

Dyed cotton, textile paint, Swarovski Hotfix crystals

Quilting with the Longarm quilting machine Handi Quilter HQ18 Avanté, painting on fabric

“The threatened Swan” 1650 by Jan Asselijn (1610-1652)  
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam/The Netherlands

A swan fiercely defends its nest against a dog.
During the aging process of an “Old Master" painting cracks are formed. I have depicted this phenomenon in my quilt.

2014 Open European Quilt Championships/Veldhoven/The Netherlands

“Trophy for Art”

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Plain & Solid Patchwork and Quilting Fabrics

We have greatly increased the size of our plains and solids range by adding 70 new Free Spirit Modern Solid fabrics to our range. From Asparagus to Petunia and Chamois to Velvet there is now even greater choice trying to find the perfect plain match.

To fit in all these new plains then we have re-organised the site slightly. You can view all our of our plains from Free Spirit, Makower and Robert Kaufman here. Or you can view them all by Manufacturer so you can just view all the Robert Kaufman Kona Plains for example.

Then we have split them into four colour groups as well, so we have Neutrals which features whites through creams to browns as well as blacks through greys. Then we have reds through oranges to yellows and greens through aquas to blues. Finally we have a range of purples through to pinks.

For the sake of completeness we have also placed on this page the Kaffe Fassett Shot Cotton plains. These have a looser weave than the other plains so we have not mixed them into the other plains. As with all of our fabrics then there are lots of charm packs and patchwork palettes so that you can sample the ranges. Enjoy!

Greens to Blues Plain Fabrics

Neutral Plains

Purple to Pink Solid Fabrics

Reds to Yellows Plain Fabrics
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Monday, 6 October 2014

Downton Abbey Fabrics 2014

Andover have released 3 new collections for their Downton Abbey themed range of fabrics. They are the Lord and Lady Grantham, Lady Rose and the Downstairs Collection. With over 30 new fabrics to choose from we have also created five new fat quarter packs and two patchwork palettes so that you can sample the fabrics. The Downstairs Collection features designs that are more homely, with ginghams, posies and abstract shapes in more muted tones.

Images of Downton Abbey television stills Downton™ and Downton Abbey®. ©2013Carnival Film & Television Limited. All rights Reserved

Downton Abbey Downstairs Fabrics

Lord & Lady Grantham Fabric Collection

Lady Rose Patchwork Palette

Downton Abbey Downstairs Fat Quarter Pack

Upstairs and Downstairs Patchwork Palette
Lady Rose
The Downton Feather Black

Lady Rose Windows Fuchsia

Downton Abbey Downstairs Doily Natural

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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Tula Pink Fox Field Fabrics

Tula Pink's latest fabric range for Free Spirit is called Fox Field and it is trademark Tula with an abundance of animals cleverly disguised in the designs. The colourways are ideally suited to Modern Quilting with a bright and bold palette.

Tula takes us on a horseback ride through tall grass fields overflowing with flowers and nature. Combining vintage elements and a bright, modern palette Fox Field is both fun and elegant. Along the way you will run into horses, bunnies, birds and even a fox or two. This newest collection is, as always, playful with an added touch of frivolity and the wonderful excitement that comes with finding out what's just over the next hill.

As well as fabric by the metre we also have three fat quarter packs in the colourways of Sunrise, Shade and Dusk. Finally we have put together a charm pack featuring fabrics from across Tula's ranges such as Salt Water, Acacia and Fox Field.

Tula Pink Fox Field, Fox Trot, Sunrise

Tula Pink Fabric Charm Pack

Moxie, a free quilt pattern from Tula Pink

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