Monday, 29 October 2012

Houston Quilt Market Day 2

Oh wow - another amazing day at Quilt Market in Houston!

Here are some of the quilts we saw en route to Starbucks each day...

Kiyomi Takayanagi - Departure
 The Jennings Homestead. Made by Suzanne Mouton Riggio and 26 Members of the Milwaukee Art Quilters
Yoshiko Miyamoto - Hope

 Ferret's quilt Prometheus is too big to display at it's full size - it's huge! You will be able to see the whole quilt hung in its full glory at the Sandown quilt show in 2013!
Ferret - Prometheus - A twist on an old favourite - Lone Star.

Using the Sizzix Big Shot to cut strips

But before more photos of today, an update from last night's Handi Quilter Reception. We met up with the Aussie contingent - Narelle from the Australian Distributor for Handi Quilter, Michelle who is one of the Australian Handi Quilter dealers. We met Narelle in Salt Lake City two years ago at Handi Quilter HQ and we did long arm training together (plus some All Terain riding in the Rockies!). Michelle won Handi Quilter Dealer of the year. In the middle is Helen Godden who is a phenomenally good quilter whose work I absolutely love! So this was a real highlight for me. We had a really great night. They call themselves the Sweet Sixteen Sheilas!

Sweet Sixteen Sheilas from Down Under - Narelle, Helen and Michelle
 As for the show today (Day 2 already!) - we bumped into Ferret by the Pfaff stand - wearing her Phoenix coat. Incredible leather coat which looks even more incredible from the back...

Ferret wearing Phoenix

Ferret checking out the Antique Quilts - nice contrast!
 The Moda stand is always impressive for its displays - we loved the Glamping feature!
Moda Glamping

It's worth saying its a HUGE show!
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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Houston Quilt Market 2012 Day 1

Visiting Houston is always an interesting trip - you never know what new products and exciting things you'll find. 

View from my hotel window towards Houston Convention Centre, I mean Center..

After a shorter than normal flight to Houston direct from Heathrow of about 8 hours, which is quick, due to the strange absence of the jet stream going from West to East we actually had a tail wind flying to the USA. Mind you looks like there could be more than a bit of wind spinning around in the north atlantic for the trip home!

Our first day was spent at Schoolhouse. Great sessions on lots of new products, tips and techniques in about 20 different rooms. Each session is 15 or 30 minutes long. The three of us (Geoff, Jean and Liz) split up to maximise how many things we can see in the day. There is no break...well other than a Starbucks at around 2pm so it's quite tiring but really inspiring too - so many new things since our last visit!

Always good to see some familiar faces like Izzy from Creative Quilting and Sue from Daisy Chain Designs as well as Barbara Chainey but not as many UK suppliers as usual. There are more Brazilians than Europeans!

We bumped into Amy and David Butler and are looking forward to seeing them tomorrow - Renaissance Ribbons are bringing out a range of Amy's Ribbons that we saw today - they were gorgeous. You can see them on our Facebook page. We may well stock them - what do you think?

Someone we thought we might bump into was Brandon Mably...we just were a bit surprised when we found him peeping out behind a quilt on this stand!

Brandon Mably on one of the stands...sorry Brandon! 

More tomorrow...we're off to the Handi Quilter Reception!

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