Tuesday, 4 April 2017

What We're Making Day #2 with Anna

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For Day #2 of our World Craft Week celebrations we have our social butterfly Anna telling us about her batik quilt.

Tell us a bit about your project;
It's a queen sized quilt made from several 5" batik charm packs, which I'm making it for my little sister for her 21st birthday (though it's not a surprise). I've always loved the vibrancy of batik fabrics, and I picked out the deep blues, teals and purples which are her favourite colours.

Any hints/tips for someone who might want to make your project?
As a novice to the world of P&Q, the only tips I have would be for other novices, and I would say be prepared to do a lot of unpicking! And if you find yourself shouting at the sewing machine, step back, make a cuppa and return with a calm head.

What or who got you into patchwork & quilting?
My family run a patchwork and quilting shop - it was pretty much inevitable!

What project are you most proud of?
My first ever quilt that I started about 5 years ago and finally finished earlier this year. It's a scrappy quilt with an aboriginal art theme. There are so many unmatched lines and the quilting is hilarious, but I love it!

What project was your biggest disaster and why?
I made a pillowcase using photo fabric paper and after all my hard work I shoved it in the washing machine only to discover after that all the images completely faded. A rookie error - hopefully I won't make the same mistake again!

Who is your favourite fabric designer/brand?
I'm always a big fan of Phillip Jacobs' large botanical prints combined with Kaffe Fassett's genius jewel toned colouring.
What tool/notion could you not live without?
A seam ripper!

What current collection do you have your eye on and what will you make with it?
We have just started stocking Cotton & Steel fabrics this year and I love them all. My particular favourite is the shirt print from Kujira & star, i'll definitely be using that for some dressmaking.

Finally, any wise words or top tips for our fellow patchwork & quilters?
Don't be afraid of bright, clashing colours.

If you enjoyed Anna’s post, please let us know below! For Day #3 of world craft week we will be chatting with Jayne.

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