Insights Into The Collective - Brandon Mably Spring 2017

Brandon Mably

Brandon’s fabrics are bold and graphic. Under Kaffe's apprenticeship, he has mastered the skill of combining primitive shapes with strong colours which allows for his fabrics to stand alone or act as the perfect foil for other prints.

Brandon has really raised eyebrows with his Spring 2017 collection, featuring some of the loudest prints the collective has seen.

‘You Can Can’ is of course the king of this collection. I cannot deny that when I first saw the bolts I thought ‘what would you do with this fabric?’. Then I saw this picture of @orangethreadsuzy’s apron and I fell deeply in love. I guess sometimes you just need others to show you the potential!

The next addition to Brandon’s collection is the round robin, which we are stocking in purple.

This is definitely a print which you can appreciate for its bold design but also looks excellent cut up as smaller pieces because of the abstract shapes and bright colours, as you can see in this post from @KaffeFassettStudio on instagram.

Brandon’s zigzags are one of my favourite coordinating fabrics- there always seems to be the colour-combo that I need! So I am very happy to see more, slightly wider zig zags under the name ‘Sound Waves’ as well as very on-trend, two toned triangle waves titles ‘sharks teeth’. I will definitely be adding the blue to my stash pronto! ‘Sound Waves’ comes in brown and purple and ‘Sharks Teeth’ in brown and blue.

The final addition to the Spring 2017 collection is Baubles. Inspired by strings of African beads and big jewellery, Brandon describes this print as having a playful repetition of round primitive circles combined with different textures to give a ‘moon-like’ quality. Again it is a print that would really stand out even when cut into smaller shapes. We have ‘Baubles’ in a moody purple and dramatic black colourways.

Here is a great video from Brandon talking through his design process for the collection


What a fabulous way to end our round-up of the KFC Spring 2017! I definitely want to hear your thoughts on Brandon's new designs and whether they have inspired you to make something stunning or have left you feeling a little purturbed.

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