Sewing for Boys: part 3

For the next three weeks we would be making a doorstop and then, over two weeks, a bag. Because both of these would potentially be subject to heavy usage I chose two fabrics from the August Fields home dec weight fabric range. This should give both projects some stability.

A homemade doorstop
Filled with 2kg rice and beans, this should keep those pesky doors open.
For the doorstop I chose the bright greeny blue of Coreopsis Spruce to contrast with our pale carpet and walls. The doorstop consisted of 6 x 6 inch squares with a strip for the handle. The handle was made by folding each edge into the middle and then pressing together. As Margaret at the shop pointed out to me, always have the iron on when making these sorts of projects or patchworking. I can't say that ironing is my favourite pastime. I am not flat so why should my clothes be but I can see the point here.
Then I sewed a seam up each side of the handle to secure it. It wasn't as close to the edge as I would of liked, but better then last weeks efforts. We then marked each of the squares with a dot inset 1cm from each corner. This would allow us to line up each of the squares. I was ultra cautious this time to make sure I was sewing right sides together.
It was then a case of sewing the squares together and gradually building up the shape of the cube. I need to work on my accuracy, but overall I was pleased with the result. A small hole was left in one side, so that the doorstop could be filled later and then the whole thing was turned inside out. I have now filled it with rice and pulses to weigh it down. I think all of us were surprised that we could construct a three dimensional shape using our basic skills. All in all our confidence is building as we move on the bag making...
Lessons learnt:
Use an iron to press seams, it works, I can see the point of an iron!!
Accuracy, accuracy, must practice.
Marking tools. We used a vanishing marker to make the spots to align our squares, the chalk I had borrowed for last weeks cushion would not have worked as well.


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