Dangerous Sewing For Boys

Welcome to an occasional series following my exploits as I enter the dangerous and exciting world of Sewing for Boys. First of all introductions. My name is David and I run the web side of things here at The Cotton Patch. That means that all the products and fabrics that are on the web site, and there are many thousands of them, pass over my desk. Now whilst some of them might be self explanatory others are just plain strange. What does one do with a Purple Thang?!!!

Because I also get to see all the patchwork and quilting books that we sell, I can only marvel at the fantastic designs and creations that are on display. I also get an opportunity to see them up close as we attend two quilt shows a year, at Malvern and the Festival of Quilts at the NEC. We set up our stands for these shows the day before they open to the public and whilst unloading the vans of stock, I try and take the opportunity to look at the quilts on display. At the Festival of Quilts this year the detailed quilting work of Sandie Lush and the art quilts of Ferret stood out for me. We are also fortunate that on our stand we had examples of the quilts from Kaffe Fassett's new book Quilt Romance on display. Kaffe's fabrics are always bright and bold and the combination of intricate designs and vivid colouration works really well.

Is that a Bosch or a Black and Decker?

On a personal note one of the main styles of artwork that I like is Japanese. So the intricate work of Kumiko Sudo, Sashiko, the many Japanese bag books and magazines such as Quilts Japan are firm favourites.

Kake-Jiku by Kumiko Sudo

But why am I telling you all this? Well I have decided to take the plunge and enter the dangerous world of sewing!!

Now I am a complete novice, I have tried to sew the odd rip in clothes whilst travelling but that is it. But boys just don't sew do they? I did woodwork at school. A sewing machine is a complete mystery, what types of thread, to use, which hand to use!!
So I have enrolled on a night school class. Sewing Skills for Beginners. Well it sums me up and over the coming weeks I'll post on my progress as hopefully I travel from complete novice to .....


Hey, I use my Purple Thang all the time. It helps when I turn something to the right side to pull points out but what I use it for most is the square end is 1/4 inch - so when I'm sewing my binding down, I use it to measure the stopping point at each corner.

Good luck with your sewing.
Dear Barbara,

Thanks for the comment and info. So many gadgets to explore, but I think I have to start with the basics. Not much information to go on in the course outline, but hopefully I'll be able to pull my points out soon as well. What ever they may be!!

glamlawlib said…
Good luck David!

I think I want your job BTW ;)
Anonymous said…
All of the sewing men in my life have wonderful design styles. I'm always interested in their opinions.

Good luck to you. When you get the basics down, I hope you're another design guru (and I hope you share your insights online).

P.S. Purple Thangs are for jousting and dueling but it requires a partner.
Thanks for the messages of support and have survived my first lesson!!

Great fun.

Georgina said…
I feel it only fair to warn you that what you are about to do may become addictive...........just so you know!!!
Ferret said…
My book has been tested for boy friendly instructions and it is intended for complete beginners. If you look on page 89 you can see my other half's first attempt at sewing since school.

BTW, the Purple Thang is a great gadget, I have a couple of them because I never want to be without one.

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