Sunray Quilt

Congratulations to the Compassionate Friends Group - their quilt is now complete and a picture of the end result is shown below. Thank you to Irene for sending the photo in and sharing it with us.
I love the way that each person has been able to use fabric to express the individuality of each child.
A beautiful result...


Anonymous said…
tell us more about this quilt please. Why "Compassionate Friends group"? What did they need to be compassionate about? What happened to all those children? Also what is the pattern they used?
BizzieLizzie said…
Thanks for your questions. We have a previous post you might like to view about The Compassionate Friends group - its at
Basically Irene runs a creative use of grief group down in Medway. The group are all bereaved parents who have found sewing to be very therapeautic and helpful in their grief. They are known as the Sunray Group and worked hard to make a memory quilt.

I'm not sure what the design is although it looks like it might be a Sunburst Design. If I find out I'll post it here. There is more info on the web at their website if you look at the previous post.

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