Positive Feedback

It's not often that we post feedback from customers on our site but we've had some very nice emails recently so we thought we should!

It is also lovely to see people at shows and in the shop and to get that feedback in person - good or bad. We know that sometimes we could do better but we do try to put things right if they go wrong!

Our first email was sent from a customer who had ordered for the first time from us and wouldn't you know it, one of the items was damaged in transit. This is what she wrote...

Dear Cottonpatch

Thank you very much for your good service.

I made my first order with you recently and was very impressed by the speed and quality of service and the good packaging. Also, I had a problem with my order which you responded to immediately by replacing the damaged item. It is not often these days that one can receive such good service and so I think it should not pass without my remarking upon it.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to future purchases.

Yours sincerely


Today we received a lovely email

Date: 17 Oct 2007 18:06:10 GMT
From: xxxxxxxxx@msn.com
Subject: loving the shop
To: mailorder@cottonpatch.co.uk
Name:c h
Email Address: xxxxxxxxx@msn.com

Message: i would just like to say how much i love the look of all your products, your site is well laid out and the stuff looks amazing. i am extremely happy with the variety of stock you show and sell. i have not found a single site to match the high quality of this one. thank you very much.

We have passed the feedback onto our webmaster. Makes it all worthwhile!


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