Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Highlight on Wonderfil 50 weight Cotton Threads - Tutti and Konfetti

Thread Highlight - Konfetti™ & Tutti

WonderFil manufactures these 3 ply threads from extra long staple Egyptian cotton. These threads are mercerized and double gassed. 

The Mercerizing process creates more lustre in the thread as well as giving the ability to absorb more dye.  The results are beautifully vibrant and bright thread colours. 

The process of Double Gassing burns off the little fibers that stick out from the thread.  WonderFil double gasses the cotton thread, which means that the threads are passed through a flame (or electrical current) and 80% of the hairs are burnt off.  The thread is then gassed again and 80% of the remaining hairs are burnt off.  This results in a very low lint cotton thread.  

Konfetti & Tutti™ are WonderFil's 50wt cotton threads. There are 60 colours available in the solid Konfetti™ thread.  There are 41 colours available in the variegated Tutti™ thread. That's a lot of colours to choose for you next project.

The threads are available from The Cotton Patch in 1000m (1093yd) spools. We also have Shade Cards if you would rather have the real thread to compare to.

Wonderfil Shade Card Konfetti

Tutti Shade Card


The variegated Tutti™ thread is random dyed.  The colour changes are not equal.  This creates some truly unique threads.  Look at the variety of variegation in the threads.

Here are some ideas of how you can use these 50wt threads.

Machine Applique

Free Motion Machine Quilting 

Chain Stitch embellishing on a serger

Machine Embroidery 
tutti stitch

These are some of our favourite threads - we hope that you will enjoy them too!

Monday, April 13, 2015

New Snow Leopard Fabrics - Floating World

The Floating World fabric range is designed by Snow Leopard Studio for Free Spirit fabrics. Now the inspiration behind Snow Leopard is Philip Jacobs who we know can produce some stunning designs. The previous Snow Leopard fabric range Botanical was also a firm customer favourite. We now have ten new fabrics and two fat quarter packs from Floating World.
Floating World Fat Quarter Pack
The Floating World Collection is inspired by the Japanese Ukiyoe style, a genre of woodblock prints and paintings that flourished in Japan from the 17th through 19th centuries. The Ukiyoe or "Floating World” was concerned with capturing the beauty of the passing moment in everyday life. This beauty could include: the first snow fall on a distant hill top, the early morning mist in a valley, maple leaves floating down a river in autumn, cherry blossom petals scattered by the spring wind. The Floating World Collection from the Snow Leopard Studio vividly captures this same ethereal beauty. The designs are inspired by the many antique prints, paintings and drawings in the Snow Leopard archive, carefully adapted for fabric to reflect this same essential quality of timelessness.

The Make It Coats website has a free pattern that you can use with the Floating World fabrics

Floating World Quilt Pattern

Monday, March 23, 2015

New Sizzix Machines!

By Liz Holpin

We're very excited to see that Sizzix have launched some new machines and re-coloured the existing Big Shot. New dies will no doubt follow and for those in the know it looks like they might include bunting dies! Now that would have been useful for the Royal Wedding (says the person who made about 100 metres of bunting!)


In this video Beth from Sizzix shows how to run a Bigz L die through the new Big Shot Plus.

Beth's Top Tip - angle the die as you put it through and if you have 6 layers of fabric it will run through beautifully!.

While we were at the show on Sunday it got a bit quiet from time to time as Sundays at shows can do. That's when we filmed the video. So then we got chatting and we had a great idea - we love the new colouration of the Sizzix Big Shot. Why? Because it doesn't have lots of stickers and decals on it so we can PERSONALISE IT!  

That' right - just imagine we can now Pimp our Big Shot! 

A few quick searches of the internet and look what we found - you can Pimp Your Wheelie Bin. I mean who knew!?!

Just check out what you can stick on your Wheelie Bin!

Now just imagine some lovely stickers on your Big Shot! The world is your oyster...back to reality. 

Here's a picture of Beth at the recent Sewing for Pleasure Show - doing an amazing job of demoing as was Angela, Beth's Mum - what a team!!

Beth from Sizzix at Sewing for Pleasure demonstrating the Big Shot Plus

 Check out our videos on our Cotton Patch Channel - here's the link to our channel. 

For more Sizzix dies visit our Cotton Patch website or take a look at our Sizzix e-brochure for inspiration and ideas as well as pictures of the dies and some of the projects that you can create with Sizzix.  You can browse it on a phone, iPad, Kindle, etc, just like a proper catalogue....Sizzix E-Brochure.

Sewing for Pleasure Roundup 2015

By Liz Holpin

For those of you who couldn't make it to the show - here is a roundup of some of the pictures from our stand over the past four days. 

It was lovely to see everyone and for those who visited our stand - don't forget that for the next ten days you can use the special code on the back of our postcards from the show to get a 10% Online Discount!  Yay!

Printing on Fabric and TAP Fabric

Lots of Sizzix dies - not many left by Sunday!!

Notions and Haberdashery

Setup day - time to go home!

Lampshade Kits are now available in 3 sizes - 20, 30 and 40cm

The new Grace Q'nique was revealed for the first time in the UK. A 14" Midarm on a Frame

Lots of Test Driving of Longarm and Midarm Sewing Machines

We even had a solar eclipse!

Stuart Hillard was on the Make It Coats demonstrations

Stuart with his latest quilt quilted on the Handi Quilter HQ18 Avante

It was very busy!

Demonstrations of the Antex mini iron, Gem master and Fabric master

Joy from Pastures New Quilting demonstrating how to cut with a rotary cutter and Omnigrid and Omnigrip rulers

Joy from Pastures New Quilting demonstrating how to cut with a rotary cutter and Omnigrid and Omnigrip rulers

Lynda with the Avante

Geoff demonstrating the Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen Sitdown Longarm

Lynda Jackson our Handi Quilter Educator demoing the Handi Quilter HQ18 Avante

The Grace Q'nique in action - 14" of throat space!

Beautiful gift packs of fat quarters - some were 3 for 2!

Freespirit/Rowan fabrics available by the metre

Bookshelves and Projects

the very lovely Beth from Sizzix demonstrating the Sizzix Big Shot and the new Big Shot Plus

So thank you to everyone who visited our stand - we hope you enjoyed the show and that it inspired you to start a new project (or complete an old one!)  Hope to see you next year :-)

From everyone at The Cotton Patch 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

25th Anniversary...Part Two - The Cotton Patch Photo Album

By Liz Holpin, Director of The Cotton Patch

In Part One of our retrospective focusing on the 25th Anniversary of The Cotton Patch we covered how it all began. Jean had the kernel of an idea and despite some concerns as to whether she was too old to start a business (in her late 50's), amazingly in her early 80s she is still working three days a week. 

And that is just one of the changes that we've seen in the past 25 years that our sterotypes of what we should be doing in her 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s or even older is constantly being redefined by those we see and hear. Jean and Geoff Sewell are no exception to this new rule - so if you are thinking about changing what you do - it's never too late. Just love what you do.

New till - Shop Opens May 1990
Here are some of the photos from the album that we would like to share - 

Some of the early shows where we had just one small transit (but it was packed to the gunnels!)

Packing for the Harrogate Quilt Show

Geoff, Jean and Nik

There were Cabot Conferences around the country with Christine Porter who brought over top teachers like Caryl Bryer Fallert, Marianne Fons, Harriet Hargrave, Margaret Miller, Darra Duffy Williamson, Sharon Squier Craig and Carole Leibzeit to name just a few. 

Liz Holpin with Caryl Bryer Fallert and the quilt The Cotton Patch purchased from Caryl.

Liz Holpin and Christine Porter with the quilt that Marianne Fons taught in class.

Jean Sewel, Christine Porter and the winner of the Quilt Block Challenge in Waterford, Ireland

Liz Holpin, Louise Glover and Sally Ablett

Christine Porter with Margaret Miller and Class

Margaret Miller teaching colour theory and value

Sally Ablett, Darra Williamson,?, Christine Porter and Margaret Miller

Some of Carole Leibzeit's Quilts

The class in Waterford, Ireland

Class in Progress

Catharine Millar

Louise Glover and Janet - manning The Cotton Patch stand in the classroom

Harriet Hargrave, Christine Porter and Carole Leibzeit

Louise Glover and Carole Leibzeit Class

Carole, Sharon Craig and Harriet Hargrave

In the first ten years our employees grew with each year and in 1994 when I returned to the UK after living in the Caribbean for a few years Val Richards joined The Cotton Patch as well. Val and the others who were there then - Jean, Geoff, Margaret and Cherrie are all still working here. Louise Glover taught many of the classes in the late 1990s but after many years struggling with Multiple Sclerosis Louise was forced to retire at a very young age. We missed her knowledge, enthusiasm and joy of patchwork and quilting. Louise now lives in a Leonard Cheshire home in Wales. 

These were photos of The Cotton Patch staff in around 1999 at the annual Christmas Party. Penny, Shirley and Louise are the only ones who don't still work at The Cotton Patch!

Denise and Jean

Denise, Jean, Val, Pat, Margaret, Ken, Cherrie, Anne, Geoff, Penny, Shirley, Louise

Louise and Liz

Pat, Margaret, Ken and Penny.

 In the next installment we'll share some photos of the enlargement of the shop in 2000-2001 and some of the last 15 years trips and shows. Plus we have some of those old catalogues...some of you may even still have them too!