Holiday Makes: 3 new skills to try on holiday

Being restricted by luggage size doesn't have to mean you can't do something creative while you're travelling. You might not be able to take your current quilt project with you, but how about trying a new skill that doesn't require lots of space or materials?

That sounds intriguing? Well read on and we'll tell you the 3 ideas we have in mind.

1. Relax and meditate with Sashiko

Sashiko is a hand-sewing technique that was created in ancient Japan and was originally used to mend clothes. Its name means 'little stabs' and refers to the simple stitch style that is used throughout the technique. It's a very simple stitch but it requires perfect regularity.

The beauty of the technique comes from the repetition of simple shapes that create harmonious patterns. Often inspired by nature, these patterns are now used in many different ways, not only to mend clothes. Traditionally, Sashiko was done using off-white thread on indigo fabric. We now see some variation in the colours used, but the original colours still prevail.

If you want a simple project you can make while on the plane that requires very few tools, then Sashiko is perfect for you. It may also come in handy if you get stranded at the airport for a few extra hours (we hope not)! So to get you going, we have some Sashiko packs ready for you.

This money-saving bundle contains a pre-printed wholecloth with 6 samples (each sample measures 12"), 2 extra-long sashiko needles and 20m threads in cyan, white and natural colours.

You could do two things with the finished samples. If you want to whip up something quick, make a few drawstring bags, using either two samples for each side of the bag, or one samples and a plain navy backing. There are lots of tutorials online for making drawstring bags, but we found that this one from Meghan Nielsen was great. All you need is some cord to close your bag.

Now if you're ready to scale up your project on your way back, you could include the samples into an accent quilt. The perfect fabric collection to use would be Nuno, which is a Japanese-inspired collection. You can buy a selection of fabrics per 1/4 metre or buy the full pre-cut collection in Layer Cakes and Charm Packs.

For a weekend holiday, try your hands on a Coaster Kit.

Each kit contains 5 pre-printed navy cloths with different designs. Each finished coaster measures 4" x 4". Add a layer of insulating wadding for best results.

2. Do some hand quilting with paper piecing

Paper piecing projects are perfect when you don't have your sewing machine with you. The pre-cut paper pieces are small and light and will help you be as precise as needed. You could go big on a project like this, but we thought that for a holiday, a more reserved approach was better. So we picked Playful little paper-pieced projects from our library and selected a few cute projects that are perfect for when you're on the go. And guess what, it's currently on offer!

Starting smallest is this refreshing set of 4 Grapefruit Coasters. When put together they create the perfect citrus-y slice and you can make them with a few scraps of yellow and orange fabric.

Here's another kitchen essential with this City Potholder. We love the theme with the little labels and you can customise them  by choosing your own stamps and black fabric ink pad.

If you're looking for a slightly bigger project, then the Round Apple Pouch is for you. This would make a great gift for a little girl, or just for you if you're a fan of apples! The round shape is a nice change from rectangular bags and you'll find enough space as it's 7 3/4" (19.7cm) wide.

We have a huge variety of paper piecing books and projects including those from Florence Knapp and Tula Pink, click here to see all!

3. Become an embroidery and applique expert

We're taking you away from your regular quilting projects with a bit of embroidery and applique. Just like Sashiko, these two crafts require very little materials.

We particularly like Simply Stitched with Applique from Yumiko Higuchi as she's got a talent to turn a pretty design into an absolute stunner. This book will show you all the techniques used and supply the necessary templates. Our favourites from this book are the Sweet Seasons Purse and the deeply relaxing Forest Motif as shown below. This book is currently on offer!

Now if you want the minimum preparation time, we recommend that you try Corinne LaPierre's new Applique Hoop Kits. We've got 4 different patterns to choose from and they've been tried, tested and approved by our team.

If hoops aren't your thing, there's a great variety of projects that Corinne has designed or take a look through her book, by some felt bundles and design your own projects!

Happy Creating! 


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