Spectrum Digital Prints

Now these, are amazing...

Thanks to advanced technology to allow higher intensity of colour, Hoffman have curated a collection of digitally printed fabrics with very high quality designs and intricate detail - impossible to create with any other fabric printing medium. 

With digital printing, designs are no longer limited by number of colours in a design or by the size of the design repeat. Larger, brighter and more complex designs are now possible with a greater degree of detail. 

The precise, intricate detail and vibrancy of these designs are sure to blow you away and inspire the most creative endeavours, whether you use them for dressmaking, bags, lap quilts, wall hangings...

From oceans to bears, meadows to galaxy's scroll down to see these stunning new collections.


Call of the Wild:

Perfect Paradise:

Beneath the Waves

Wide Open Spaces

Mystic Meadow

Raving Tides

All Aglow

Out of this World

If you are looking for something a little bit special for your project then why not go digital! 

Happy Creating!


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