Nautical but Nice

Two sea inspired ranges just in from Makower and warmer, lighter days have got us wanting to up the summer vibes and head to the seaside! 

We'll start with the two brand new Makower collections and then head to some previous nautical fabric ranges you may have missed!


A tranquil summers day hunting for beach strewn treasures…..These detailed coastal images in a sophisticated modern palette work well for home d├ęcor projects. A quick and “easy-sew” bunting panel, makes the perfect addition to this collection.


“Merryn” is an ancient Cornish girls name meaning “born of the sea”. This is Diane Rooney’s first collection for Makower UK and was inspired by her love of the sea and the folklore of mermaids. Calming pastels contrast with vibrant splashes of colour, create a fresh and charming take on a well-loved theme. These friendly mermaids and sea creatures are perfect for a little girls bed quilt. Complete your project with a Wavy Stripe binding.

Ahoy, Me Hearties

Ahoy Me Hearties is the latest fabric range by Janet Clare for Moda. Clear blue skies, a wide, deep, mysterious ocean as far as the eye can see. There are favourable sailing conditions, gulls soaring overhead, and it’s just you with the wind in your hair on a trusty little yacht, hoping for glimpse of a whale or two. Sailing the blue, it’s the very stuff that daydreams are made of.

Neptune & the Mermaid

Neptune & the Mermaid by Tokyo Milk for Free Spirit creates this bold and bright underwater world full of big flowers and colourful sea-creatures including mermaids. These dream-like designs take you below the surface of the rough waves into what feels like a disco for all that's beneath.

Kujira & Star

"Star longed to see what was above his little reef, so his best friend Kujira took him on a tour!"

Kujira & Star by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Cotton+Steel tells a wonderful tale of a starfish who longs to adventure beyond the reef and his wale friend Kujira who leads the way. 

S.S. Bluebird

S.S. Bluebird by Cotton+Steel uses a range of blues combined with white highlights and a shot of red here and there to create a very nautical palette. You can picture ladies on the beach in their 1940's cotton dresses, watching the ships sail out to sea as they read their loved ones mail whilst snacking on an apple.


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