Festival of Quilts Day 3 Part Deux

Saturday of Festival of Quilts was a really long but wonderful day. So long as you have bags of energy and can keep going like some contestant on the Apprentice the Festival can be pretty exciting. Lisa Lam has just that energy level and you should definitely read Lisa's Blog to get the lowdown on what it was like being an author signing books on The Cotton Patch stand with Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett and Jane Brocket.
Here are Amy and Lisa doing a book swop. I love the second picture!

And here are David and Amy Butler with Lisa Lam and Nik from The Cotton Patch.

Here are a few more pictures from the show.

Denise with Marti Michell's Block of the Month Program - American Beauty. Sign up is still

Two of the Rowan staff who were available to answer questions..
In the evening we went to Kaffe Fassett's talk on colour and inspiration which was fascinating and has me thinking about all of those images and colours that surround us but which we don't see as we walk past. It reminds me of how I used to be amazed when scuba diving how when you had seen something once (a nudibranch, camouflaged crab or lobster) suddenly they seemed to be everywhere. Of course it was just the fact that my eye had become attuned to the shape, colour and pattern of this new discovery.


Lisa Lam said…
Really enjoyed your Fest pics (tho there should be safety barrier placed in front of my mouth when I'm laughing!). I wish my pics were as thorough, but then I have a good excuse (like being chained to my book signing chair!) Ho ho! I couldn't have wished for a better and nicer stand to have signed my book on. You guys are all A1! XX
BizzieLizzie said…
Listen we only put the chain and padlock on the people we don't want to have leave the stand. Think of it as a positive sign!

It was great to have your company on Saturday night too :-)

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