Needle Felting Project with Perle Cotton

By strange coincidence with the previous post, which shows a customer's small ringbinder with floral embroidered decoration, I was working on a felted project of a flower over the Bank Holiday weekend too.

Here are a some photos of the work in progress. I wanted to try out the new Presencia Perle Cotton (No 8) threads that we got in just before Malvern and with a few felted pieces from Oliver Twists and other bits I had in my stash I drew two petal templates and before you knew it was placing my felt petals in position on the Felting Mat!

The next stage was to use the Clover Pen Style Felting Needle Tool to secure them to the base fabric. Punching through the edges of the felted pieces secured them sufficiently for me to then blanket stitch them in place. Using the Felting Mat gives a stable base, protects the needles and stops your worksurface from becoming a pin cushion.

The back of the fabric then looked like this...

Using the Perle Cotton thread I then blanket stitched around each of the petals in a variety of solid and variegated threads.

The next stage was to use the Oliver Twists Silk Strata Pack - the Sunset colourway for this project to add texture to each of the petals and provide
more interest in the centre.

More photos to follow...


Georgina said…
Well! It's a summer theme!! On flickr there are two photos using the needle punch kit I bought from you two years ago!! (I am on slow burn)
and I enjoyed it so much O carried on
BizzieLizzie said…
Dear Georgina

What a great use of the needlepunch tool - very effective and works on bags really well. You may be on slow burn but its brilliant that all that creativity has come out after two years!

Anonymous said…
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