Kirstie Allsopp's Homemade Home - Kaffe Fassett and Quilting

Last Friday all the talk at The Cotton Patch was about Kaffe Fassett on Kirstie Allsopp's programme Homemade Home - Kirstie, having moved on from Location, Location, Location with Phil has turned her hand to rennovating an absolute wreck of a cottage in Cornwall. Her focus has been on using local crafts people and materials to furnish it and recycle where possible. All good!

Yesterday featured an old patchwork quilt (red and green - any thoughts on a date?) that Kirstie bought in a textiles antique shop and she also made a quilt with Cowslip Workshops. Its great to see so many crafts being showcased on the programme and although not everyone will appreciate Kirstie's style we think she's doing a great job!

So if you're new to quilting we hope you find our site and blog useful - but beware - it can be addictive!


Claire Nailor said…
I thought Kirsty's Homemade Home was FANTASTIC- does anyone know if they're bringing out a book to accompany the show? I've applied to be on the next series and would really love to get on as I'm a sewing addict but need some tips on how to put things together to look classy and modern! :-)
BizzieLizzie said…
Thanks for your post Claire - it seems to have inspired quite a few people to pick up needle and thread which is brilliant. Hope you get on the next series!
janie said…
I thought the program was a great idea, but would have liked a little more detail on the actual 'how to' aspect. The patchwork section totally
inspired me and I made a bolster on the wave of enthusiasm.
BizzieLizzie said…
It would be great to have a "how to" programme on mainstream terrestrial TV...maybe this will help fuel demand!

Glad to hear the inspiration resulted in a bolster...who knows, maybe you'll make a quilt next?

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