November's Patchwork and Quilting Quilt Completed!

Sometimes just the right pattern comes up in a magazine and suddenly what to do with all those scraps becomes more than just a "when I find the right moment, I'll do something with them!" One of our customers had been receiving their Bargain Basics Club for, as she put it "several years", and found the perfect pattern in November's issue of British Patchwork and Quilting Magazine. Sunshine and Shadows is a stunning design that is less about the colour and design of the quilt and so much more about value. Darks and lights create the essence of the dynamic design and as you can see below the result is fantastic with secondary designs coming through.

Sunshine and Shadows patchwork quilt from Bargain Basics quilt fabrics
Frances wrote to us by email, explaining, "I thought that you might like to see my latest effort, finished yesterday. I have been receiving material from your Bargain Basics Club for quite a while (several years!) and have never done anything with it. So recently I thought I would try and use some of it up. In November's Patchwork and Quilting there was the ideal pattern. I found it quite difficult sorting the fabric into light medium and dark but once that was done it was just a case of putting it together. Thank you very much for all the lovely fabrics."

Another tip for using up scraps is to use the Marti Michell Templates. If you're getting odd pieces use the Marti Michell Templates in square or triangles to trim them into useful pieces the moment you have the scrap to hand and on your cutting mat. The Set B is a good starting point. Keep ziplocks marked up with colours and values - warm, cool, dark, medium, light so that when you come to use your scraps later most of the sorting has been done!

When you are ready use a design like Sunshine and Shadows or one of the Marti Michell books of Set B to create your own unique quilt. What I love about this idea is that you will probably remember where those individual pieces came from and the whole quilt may even represent a period of time when you were into particular fabrics and designs.


Beertje Zonn said…
Beautiful Quilt!
Kind regards


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