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If you are looking for a quilt with a modern feel then this Crossroads design by Jayne Plain is perfect for abstract patterns and strong graphical elements.

The 54½” (138cm) square quilt uses just 8 fat quarters plus 2m of background fabric for the centre design. A further 50cm is required for the border which can match the background fabric (as shown in the Melodies quilt) or use a contrasting fabric.

For the binding a single fold binding can be pieced from the remnants of the 8 fat quarters (as Jayne has done below) or use an additional 40cm for a double fold binding.

If you are a beginner and you think those small squares look tricky to cut and piece accurately don’t worry - you start by sewing four large squares together and then cross-cutting them. Simply swapping the position of the smaller units and piecing them together creates the design. No individual small squares to cut!


Melodies Crossroads quilt uses 8 fat quarters of Moda Grunge to create this bright yet modern design. Jayne has used the Multi Dot quilt back to finish off this fun, fresh look.

Hoodies Crossroads

The prints of artist and graphic designer Hoodie Crescent are perfect for this modern quilt style. Both quilts use a Linen Texture print for the background.

Cherry Lime Soda Quilt Kit                                                        Sundaze Quilt Kit

Retro Vibes Crossroads

Our Retro Vibes prints come in two understated colour palettes: Cool - grey/navy/burgundy and Chilled grey/green/pink.

Chilled Quilt Kit                                                             Cool Quilt Kit

If you love the look of our Crossroads Quilt Kits and you'd like to see some more of our Quick Quilts click here.

Happy Creating! 


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