Fabrics For Teenagers

Shopping for teens can be tough and combining your well practised fabric choosing abilities with the considerations for the likes and dislikes of a teenager can be hard. As a twenty-something year old I pride myself on still being reasonably down with the latest trends that the newest generation are following and have a fairly good recollection of what I was into not too many years ago. Therefore, I feel I can help you get your bearings and guide you in the right direction for what some teens might be after. 

Now enough with my CV, here's my Top 30 Teen Fabric Recommendations.


There's lots of floral out there but not all of it will appeal to your teenager. Here's a few more modern based floral ranges, with a variation of styles and colours that might be more up their street. 

Tilda Sunkiss: ref-7663
Daisy Chain: ref-7558/9
Boho Babe: ref-7120/1
Eden Pop: ref-7667
Confetti: ref-7413

Around the World

Know a teenager who can't wait to spread their wings and leave the nest? Help inspire those dreams of seeing new places and experiencing new cultures with these exciting travel themed fabrics.

Scriptorian: ref-6531
Meridian: ref-7598
Paris Romance: ref-7045
African Sun: ref-7070


Trying to be 'down with the kids' and find the 'cool' fabrics that will match your teens style? These fabric ranges ooze urban vibes but vary in patterns, styles and colourways so you can find the range that'll really tick all the boxes. 

Grafic: ref-7276
Paint: ref-6515
New Horizons: ref-7592
Once Around: ref-7482
Life's Journey: ref-7668


There's always some new trend somewhere that's channelling boho vibes. These bright, colourful and sometimes retro inspired pieces will definitely be a win for any creative teen who doodles mandalas in their notebook, hangs dream catchers around their room and occasionally wears feathers in their hair.

Wanderer: ref-6904
Flock: ref-7601
Island Batiks: ref-7465
Broderie Boheme: ref-7591


If your teens are anything like I was as a teenager (and, let's be honest, as an "adult"), then these quirky, unique, exciting ranges will really wow them! Funky colour combinations, mystical animals and slightly more wacky, lively prints than your standard patchwork fabric.

Tabby Road: ref-7297/8/9
Eden: ref-6753/4/5
Ex-libris: ref-7587


Finally, I've picked out a few blenders that I feel will appeal to many teens due to their modern colour palette and geometric patterns. You may find that they are more into modern  quilt designs and love the big, simple, solid blocks  that we are seeing a lot of now, with not much happening pattern wise. These blenders are great for that style of quilt. Click here for to see more blenders.

Grunge: ref-7642-7
Twist: ref-6999
Bijoux: ref-7586
Baseline: ref-7463/4

I hope this has helped you along with ideas and inspiration for fabric for your teenager! 

 If you have other people to quilt for that you're a bit stuck with, here's some fabric for everyone inspiration.

Happy Creating!


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