A Spooky Sewing Special

October 1st: commence the creating of the handmade Halloween decorations.

In my family, transforming our homes with entirely handmade Halloween decor is at the top of October's to-do list!  

With the colder, darker nights setting in, we can't resist filling up our 'Handmade Halloween' inspo boards on Pinterest and picking out fabric ready to design our costumes. 

The best bit about Halloween decor? It's often the most simple things that look the most effective.

Here's some spooky themed fabrics that will get you and your family prepared to scare!

This panel by Stephanie Marrot for Wilmington Prints makes decorating scarily simple. With the coordinating bat fabric, this panel makes the perfect quick quilt. Or, if you can't commit to quilting it in time then why not just hang it from a door or better yet, frame it! You can find this Come Sit a Spell panel here.

With designs ranging from scary skulls to slightly less terrifying owls on broomsticks, or if that is still to creepy, then this gorgeous black cat with gold metallic print -  there's something for everybody in our Halloween collection. 

Click here for our entire range of spooky and Halloween fabrics.

For some great ideas on how to be the creepiest house on the street, head over to our Pinterest board.

Why not make some boo-tiful bunting using this Sizzix Bunting Die, throw together a quick trick-or-treat bag for for (ahem) "the kids", or have a hand at some scrappy table place mats like these ones here.

We love to see your creations so make sure to share your pictures with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Happy Halloween! x


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