10 Essential Tools Every Sewer Needs

10 essential tools every sewer needs; but this is not your standard mat, cutter, ruler list. This is a compilation of lesser known tools that may just change your life. Or at least improve your sewing a bit...

Read on to find out what tools made it into our top 10, then let us know what you think. Did you know about them all already? Are you the owner of a pretty exceptional tool that we haven’t mentioned? Leave us a comment and spread the wisdom!

1.Temporary Glue Pen

Temporary glue for even the most delicate of fabrics. It allows you to re-position your templates; embroidery motifs; hems; and appliques before sewing. I particularly like this Bohin pen (ref 11430) because the pink colour lets you see exactly where the glue has been placed but disappears when dry.

2. Ergonomic Thimbles

There is nothing more therapeutic than hand sewing, except for hand sewing with the worlds most comfortable thimble that even has little dimples to help guide your needle. (Prym Soft Comfort Needle ref 12627)


3. Mary Ellen's Best Press

This may well be the most well known notion on the list as it’s one of the most sought after products at shows and the reviews online speak for themselves. This clear, scent free starch alternative protects fabric from stain, resists wrinkles, makes fabric easier to work with and is particularly effective at helping to remove the middle crease out of fabric. Plus its comes in a non-aerosol environmentally friendly bottle. Win! (Mary Ellen's Best Press ref 11617)

4. That Purple Thang

The ultimate pusher, poker, stuffer and turner. This is one of those items that you can’t believe you survived without before you knew it existed, and all your friends will agree when you end up buying one for each of them too - purely to stop yours from going walkabout. Don't believe me? Check out this review. (That Purple Thang ref 6368)

5. Gunold Oil Pen

Go on, give some TLC to the sewing machine in your life. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes! And the Gunold Sewing Machine Oil Pen (ref 10862) is more than perfect for the job because the fine tip means you can get to all the hard-to-reach places with no fuss and no mess.

6.Bohin Chalk Pencil

I have found the Bohin Chalk Pencil (ref 11442) to be far superior to any other fabric markers I have tried previously. It marks the fabric consistently without dragging, it is very easy to keep the tip to a fine point, there are multiple colours because occasionally white isn’t quite right, plus it washes off without a trace. The chalk lasts for a really long time, it comes with a sharpener and can be used on a variety of materials other than fabric! I am a big fan and the reviews online really back me up here.

7. Zinger

Because even though you had them in your hands just one second ago, those sneaky scissors have managed to do the disappearing act. Again. (Handi Quilter Zinger ref 10191)

8. Peels

You may not have heard of Peels before but these funky little curls of silicone are one of my favourite product this year! A very simple solution to the nightmare that is tangled threads. The high quality rubber sits around almost any width of spool and holds the ends neatly in place, saving precious creative moments that may have otherwise been wasted on an untangling mission. (PeelsThread Stoppers ref 12519)

9. Schmetz Universal Sewing Machine Needles

To be kept as back-up because you just never know when that needle is going to break. (Schmetz Universal Sewing Machine Needles ref 836)

10. Seam Ripper

A sewers BFF. You probably own a seam ripper already, and may use it more than you’d like, so here’s two that have got a wee bit fancy in all the best ways. This ergonomic Undo Double Tip Seam Ripper from Smart Needle (ref 12521) sits very comfortably in the hand (essential for those major screw-ups) and has two different sized heads for varying thread widths and fabric types.

This Hemline Seam Fix (ref 11156) is also a good size to hold and has a rubber lid that very effectively picks those awkward little thread bits (please note that colours may vary).
Below is another great review from Sue O'Very on the Seam Fix.

That just about wraps up our Top 10 Essential Tools Every Sewer Needs. Remember, if you know of a tool that ought to have made it onto this list, share your secrets below!

Happy creating x

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