The Grand Reveal - Exciting New Projects!

An exciting day here at Cotton Patch

We have been working hard on a versatile project that we hope will suit all of your styles, tastes, budgets and skill sets. After lots of planning and preparing we are finally ready for the big reveal and we really hope you will love it!

We call them “Accents”, and they are carefully coordinated bundles of 8 fat quarters containing striking fabrics from the Kaffe Fassett Collective.

Like any sane fabric connoisseur you may see these bundles and immediately decide that they are an essential addition to your stash, to which all parties are sympathetic. But inside these bundles of joy are instructions to make an “Accents” Quilt.

A quilt you say? From just 8 fat quarters? 

Oh yes oh yes oh yes. I’ve done the maths…

(I must admit it was not actually me that did that maths, it was Nik, Cotton Patch head honcho, humble colour guru and designer of the fabulous creations)

The Maths...

One bundle + binding + backing = 36” x 45” wall hanging
Two bundles + binding + backing =  54” x 54” lap quilt
Three bundles + binding + backing = 63” x 72” snuggle throw
Four bundles + binding + backing = 70” x 92” redecorate-your-room-to-match-your-bed quilt.

We have picked out all our favourite prints from the Kaffe Fassett collective and coordinated them perfectly so that all you need to do is choose which bundle is your favourite! 

Here’s the line-up;

Bohemian Accents
Vintage Accents

Jazz Accents
Fruit Punch Accents

Delicious right?! Do you have a favourite? How would you feel if I told you that we are working on EVEN MORE! Pretty good I bet. Don’t hold your breath though, perfecting these babies takes time.

The simple construction of these quilts means that they are perfect for beginners and advanced quilters alike, and are a great way to show off the fabrics' bold designs. Keep the quilting simple and you have a lovely gift that can be made in a day!

If you are loving our new “Accents” Fat Quarter Bundles, click here to go to our website for more info.

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