New Sizzix Machines!

By Liz Holpin

We're very excited to see that Sizzix have launched some new machines and re-coloured the existing Big Shot. New dies will no doubt follow and for those in the know it looks like they might include bunting dies! Now that would have been useful for the Royal Wedding (says the person who made about 100 metres of bunting!)

In this video Beth from Sizzix shows how to run a Bigz L die through the new Big Shot Plus.

Beth's Top Tip - angle the die as you put it through and if you have 6 layers of fabric it will run through beautifully!.

While we were at the show on Sunday it got a bit quiet from time to time as Sundays at shows can do. That's when we filmed the video. So then we got chatting and we had a great idea - we love the new colouration of the Sizzix Big Shot. Why? Because it doesn't have lots of stickers and decals on it so we can PERSONALISE IT!  

That' right - just imagine we can now Pimp our Big Shot! 

A few quick searches of the internet and look what we found - you can Pimp Your Wheelie Bin. I mean who knew!?!

Just check out what you can stick on your Wheelie Bin!

Now just imagine some lovely stickers on your Big Shot! The world is your oyster...back to reality. 

Here's a picture of Beth at the recent Sewing for Pleasure Show - doing an amazing job of demoing as was Angela, Beth's Mum - what a team!!

Beth from Sizzix at Sewing for Pleasure demonstrating the Big Shot Plus

 Check out our videos on our Cotton Patch Channel - here's the link to our channel. 

For more Sizzix dies visit our Cotton Patch website or take a look at our Sizzix e-brochure for inspiration and ideas as well as pictures of the dies and some of the projects that you can create with Sizzix.  You can browse it on a phone, iPad, Kindle, etc, just like a proper catalogue....Sizzix E-Brochure.


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