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Pellon EZ Steam II and EZ Steam II Lite

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As well as Pellon EZ Steam II and EZ Steam 2 Lite by the metre we now stock both products as a pack of 5 sheets. Additionally we also have EZ Steam II  in 2 tape sizes, 1/4" wide and 1/2" wide. Pellon® EZ-Steam® II is a double-sided, pressure sensitive fusible with a paper backing. The two adhesive sides temporarily stick to both the background and applique fabrics. It aids in the placement of the fusible web and gives you the versatility of moving the applique into another position until you have permanently fused the fabric. Use Lite EZ-Steam® II for lightweight fabrics, paper, lace, foam, batting and more! Great for placement of lace, ribbons and other decorative trims. As an example project on how to use EZ Steam then Pellon have a project on their website for a Mistletoe Mug

EZ Steam II Tape

EZ Steam II by the metre
EZ Steam II Lite Sheets

EZ Steam II by the metre

Detailed Instructions for Use of Pellon EZ-Steam II/Lite

1. Draw design on the paper (matte) side of EZ-Steam® II/Lite EZ Steam® II.   
2. Remove the shiny (waxy) side revealing the pressure sensitive surface.
3. Finger press the pressure sensitive side to the wrong side of the fabric. DO NOT APPLY HEAT WITH AN IRON AT THIS POINT.  
4. Cut out the drawn shape.  
5. Peel off the remaining paper (matte) backing. TIP: Lightly score the backing with a pin and crack to peel backing away from the center rather than the sides. 
6. Finger press the pressure sensitive side of the appliqué/piece to the right side of the background fabric.
7. To permanently bond the appliqué/piece, press with an iron using a Wool or Cotton setting with Steam or a damp press cloth. Press in place for a full 10-15 seconds. 8. Lift iron and repeat if working with a larger surface area.

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