Sunday, 15 December 2013

Great British Sewing Bee Christmas Special

It was lovely to see the familiar faces of Ann, Stuart, Lauren and Sandra with May Martin and Patrick Grant. The idea of a Sewing Bee is a wonderful way to get together and sew so we hope that many of you were inspired by the concept and the ideas that the sewers had. 

Wasn't it great to see some patchwork!

Image for Christmas Special

It also demonstrated that you can use patterns and ideas that are all around us - Ann using the top of her pin box for a Christmas Tree decoration for example.

Stuart's idea for using Clamshell Cases as Christmas Tree Decorations was inspired - who knows what treats you might find on the Christmas tree!  You could use acetate as Stuart did which would be fine if you're doing it for next year (!) but if you want to make it really quickly Clover do pre-cut acetate pieces all ready for you to cut out fabric and sew. They come in three sizes. Brilliant!

We've given you some more details on our previous Blog Post 

Clover Clam Shell Accessories Cases - 6th November 2013

If you would like to make these Clover make it really easy - Clover Clam Shell Cases otherwise known as Kai No Kuchi.  Click this link to find them on our website - Clover Clam Shell Templates.  They come in three sizes so you could put lots of sweets in it or just a few!

Clover Clam Shell Accessory Case Large Forms

We'll be seeing a lot more of Stuart in the future - he's going to be a Handi Quilter Ambassador. His Handi Quilter HQ18 Avante with Pro Stitcher is being installed in January 2014 and we can't wait to see what he quilts on it.

Stuart helping out at our Project Linus Day

Ann lives locally to the Cotton Patch and it has been wonderful to see her on a regular basis at classes and also helping out with the Project Linus Day and our Open Day. 

Ann helping Lynda Jackson quilt some of the Project Linus Quilts using the HQ18 Avante

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Clover Clam Shell Makers Christmas Gift and Ornaments

Clover Clam Shell Accessory Cases are a new product on our website and are slightly different to the other Clover embellishment craft tools such as yo yos or pom pom makers.  Below you can see a finished Clam Shell as well as some of the stages to make one.
Clover Clam Shell Box
Clover Clam Shell Box with little thimble gift inside. 

The Clamshell cases actually contain six flexible clear plastic forms that are the semi-rigid inner of the three sided box.There are three slightly firmer ones for the outside lozenge shapes and three flimsier ones for the inside shapes.
Clam Shell Accessory Case Medium Size. It comes with a full instruction sheet and the six forms that you can see on the red fabric.

The pack contains very detailed instructions on how to make the ClamShell Box so make sure you read right through to the end before you start. We are making a little Christmas Gift Box, so we have selected two fabrics from Riley Blake one with Stars and a nice deep Christmas Red for the inner of the box.

Using the forms as guides we trace round and then cut out six shapes of fabric and we have marked on our seam allowance. We have also used Vilene Fusible Fleece Low Loft H630 to add a little bit of padding.

You then assemble the outer and inner forms with their fabric and then attach the outer and inners together to create the three sides of the box. The bottom of the box has the inner located in the centre whilst the two sides have the inner located slightly to one side. This helps to align the box correctly when fitted together.

Finally stitch the three sides together leaving one side open but with reinforcing stiching at either end. The box is now finished and ready for treasure. There are three different sizes of Clam Shell so you can make Small, Medium or Large fabric boxes. The finished size of the large clam shell is 3 1/2" x 5" x 3 1/2" or 90mm x 125mm or 90mm, the medium 2 1/2" x 4" x 2 1/2" or 65mm x 100mm or 65mm and the small 2" x 3" x 2" or 50mm x 75mm or 50mm. Happy stitching.
Finished Clam Shell Accessory Case, Medium Size

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