Thursday, 19 January 2012

Grace Frame Class January 17th 2012

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This time last year we were all struggling to get to work - this year we've had a few frosts (minus 7 at home this morning - quite fresh) but nothing like the chaos of last year.   At least it means that our classes aren't disrupted by people either unable to get to the class or getting stuck trying to go home.  So another full day class of Grace customers learning how to load a quilt on the frame, a bit of needle theory and threads with hands on before lunch to load the quilt.  After lunch we focused on the quilting using Pam Clarke's 8-Line and Straight Line Stencils. 

Joy demonstrating the 8-Line Stencil

Practising quilting designs

Putting it into practice on the Gracie Frame 


Gilly Payton said...

Was a great course, learnt loads, many thanks to all. Just need to put into practice..... Gilly

BizzieLizzie said...

Glad you found it useful - the old putting it all into practice bit is essential of course - easier to say, harder to do!



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