Beginners Class Underway!

It's a bit like the first day at school isn't it? New school uniform, shoes that aren't quite broken in yet, unfamiliar books and a notepad that has nothing written in it ...and new faces that we don't yet know.  The difference is that our new school uniform is fabrics that haven't been cut into, our books are rotary cutters and rulers that haven't really been tested but the notebook is just as fresh-faced and innocent as the one we had for the first day at school.

It's exciting but can be daunting and there's so much to cover in the first lesson that if you're not careful your brain is awhirr with new terms, cutting measurements and the possibities for what might be created - but hold on - we're not making a king size quilt yet. It's one step at a time and that's just what the Beginners Classes are all about. 

We're running one in the morning and one in the afternoon with small groups to get really good individual attention. We'll be doing the same in January 2012 - sign up for our email newsletter to make sure you're in the loop if you're local to the shop and fancy starting a new hobby or tidying up and extending your knowledge if you've tried it but would like to know how it should be done rather than how it can be done!


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