Pattern Downloads from Rowan

For those of you who visited the Festival of Quilts at the NEC in 2010 you may have noticed the absolutely fabulous armchair and dining chairs covered in Rowan fabrics. Ikea chairs are really good as the basis for covers - the dining chair was the Henriksdal one. Rowan have put up some patterns on their website of how you can make these covers yourself. Click here to go to the KnitRowan site.

One of the reasons that I felt so chilled and able to handle the frantic pace of the NEC Festival of Quilts was my corsage. Rowan had kindly made some for us to wear - filled with lavender which could be squeezed and wafted whenever stress levels started to rise. With a deep breath of the wonderful lavender aroma released from the corsage, it was easier to get a sense of perspective on whatever might be the latest challenge to be revealed.


For your free pattern on the corsage flower (go for the lavender option) please click here. Its a downloadable pdf and thanks to the folks at Rowan for the ultimate show stress reliever. I'm making mine for 2011 as we speak...


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