Friday, 17 December 2010

Let it Snow Let it Snow...but not too much...

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We all love a bit of snow at Christmas time but some of us think that it's gone a bit too far in the past twelve months.

This is the picture outside the Cotton Patch a few minutes ago and the big dark cloud is more snow on its way.

Now wouldn't it be handy if we could get a Cotton Patch sleigh complete with Donner and Blitzen (and all the other names we can't remember at the pub quiz) to deliver them. We know that its taking a lot longer than normal so we really hope that the backlog in deliveries gets through and all your parcels are delivered in time.

To all of our customers - now and in the future - Merry Christmas 2010!

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Electric Sewing Machine said...

Love the photo - looks like this outside my house too! I've just come across your site and I think - Uh Oh, how can I restrain myself. I shall try not to spend too much money :)
Warm wishes,

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