Burying Threads in your Quilt

Just came across this link to a YouTube video which I thought I should share as it is such a neat way of burying the tails of your quilting thread.

There are a few other different ways to do this but normally I've used the open-ended Easy Threading Needles. This is quite quick but sometimes it frays the threads, especially if they are metallic or non-cotton threads.

To use the Easy Threading Needle technique you make a knot at the end point of your quilting. Then lay the threads across the top of the "open" eye and push them into the eye. Then take the thread ends into the quilt through the top layer and into the wadding layer right by the knot. Bring the needle up 1 to 2" away from the knot. If you fold the quilt a little when you snip the end of the thread by the quilt it will easily disappear into the quilt.

Thanks to our customers who told us about a new Clover tool - we are also now stocking the Clover Soft Touch Thread Pic (Ref 10155, £5.65). It is a really handy tool for when you have teeny tiny bits of thread sticking out that you can do absolutely nothing else with. It has a sharp end with a tiny hook which is perfect for grabbing threads. It doesn't leave puncture marks or holes. We should have it up on the website shortly but you can order it by telephone now.

This Quote on the Clover USA site by Carol A Selepec, Create A Stitch, Midland, PA gives more information about the many uses of the Thread Pic -

"Ideal for long-arm quilters and machine embroidery, the Thread Pic is the perfect tool for hiding or removing stray threads as it easily slips through fabric, leaving no marks or punctures.

  • Hide broken threads
  • Pull threads to the inside of the project... never to be seen again!
  • Remove unwanted stray threads caught between the top and wadding
  • Correct mistakes in corners
  • Use to hold your project in place while stitching
  • Push edges for quick turn applique projects
  • In serging, use to hide serger tails in the seam

“As a professional long arm quilter for many years, with several prestigious awards, I have found this thread pic extremely useful in my trade and this product will fit equally well into the projects of the domestic and hand quilters around the world.

This pic slips between the threads of the fabric so easily and leaves no trace of ever being there.

Remember that dark-colored thread that shows up under a light-colored fabric? No more worry, you can retrieve it, and pull it out effortlessly.
What about that thread stuck to the batting which shows up under the backing or in the middle of a block, not seen until you finish the quilt? No problem, use the pic to retrieve it. Works every time, without fail!

I can recommend this tool with confidence, as well as the other Clover products such as the straight awl, seam ripper, and white markers.


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