Monday, 9 November 2009

Reynolds Freezer Paper to the Rescue

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The saviour. Not just for applique!

Here at The Cotton Patch from time to time we get slightly strange requests for the items that we provide and I thought I would tell you about one that occurred last week.

We had a phone call from English Heritage who were desperate to locate a quantity of Freezer Paper. There had been a leak in a building in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter and a number of books and archives had been damaged and they needed Freezer Paper right away.

We were able to get the order together straight away and they sent a taxi round for it to be collected. Now my wife happens to be an archaeological conservator and explained that the Freezer Paper can be placed in between the leaves of the books or round the books themselves and helps to prevent them sticking together as they dry out. Also books that become sodden can be often quickly grow mould and one of the best ways of treating them is to freeze dry them to kill the mould, with the Freezer Paper again protecting the leaves of the book.

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Anonymous said...

I had no idea it was such useful stuff! If we're ever in a flood and my books get soaked (now, that would be a job and a half) I'll bear this in mind!




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