Are you a Member of Sable?

Not unlike the sentiements of one Terry Wogan when speaking of his impending retirement from the breakfast show we would also aknowledge that if it weren't for our customers (read listeners) life would be very boring indeed. Those important moments in the day that are lightened by a cheerful customer, a witty remark that generates an amusing response or a shared joke about life, the universe and everything. Yes, without humour life would be as nought.

So, we would like to share with you the latest witticism to hit the Cotton Patch. A customer who is a member of a group that has just restarted classes was asked by the teacher if they were all members of SABLE. Blank looks were cast around the room. The teacher announced that she felt quite confident that unwittingly there would be more than a few Sable members in the class. Recognition of membership might be considered a badge of honour for some quilters. So, if you think you are a member of SABLE just consider whether you would classify -


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