Children's Society Patchwork Competition

The deadline for The Children's Society's Patchwork Competition - The Big Stitch is imminent!

The Children's Society has been in the news a lot this past week following the results of the enquiry into a "Good Childhood". We're delighted to be helping raise awareness of some of the issues that children and young people face by sponsoring a prize in the competition - a box of Cotty Threads worth £255 which we hope will raise funds for the Society. We featured the Big Stitch competition in our last newsletter and on our Blog last year.

So, with more bad weather on the way there might just be enough time to complete it by 14th February...OK, that is quite close but with fabric stashes being what they are it may be possible!

Some quilters have already made their quilt and it is posted on the fund-raising site Rogavi. You can bid for the quilt on the site - so far it has raised £102.50 and there is plenty of time left for more people to visit so please pass this information on to anyone who may be interested! The quilt is delightful and really encapsulates the theme.

From the makers of the quilt - "This Quilt has been made in response to an article from Popular Patchwork promoting the Children’s Society 2009 Patchwork Quilt Competition. Four ladies from the forum decided to get together, via emails and post, to make a Quilt for this worthy cause."

When you've made your quilt take 2 or more photos of it. At least one should be a close up and at least one should be of the whole quilt. These will go on The Children's Society website for people to vote for their favourite quilt. Send the photos (with a note about the recycled element included) to them by 14 February 2009 by email or by post to:

The Big Stitch
The Children's Society
Edward Rudolf House
Margery Street

Voting will begin on 15 February 2009 and will close 14 March 2009.Once you have sent us the photos, you can raffle the quilt or use it to raise money in another way. Remember to send in the money you have raised by 14 March 2009.
We'll be posting the quilts on our site so be sure to look back in the next few weeks so you can vote for your favourite quilt.


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