6 Days to Go Before Christmas

Only 6 days left to go before Christmas and all of the orders for Christmas are on their way to customers!

Denise, Nikki and Anna are definitely in the festive mood now (you can't hear the Christmas music in the background but "I wish it could be Christmas everyday" is playing!)
As for Royal Mail and Couriers - we know we couldn't do without them, especially David our UPS driver. Here's a picture of him by his UPS van. So thank you David for being so cheerful every time you visitThe despatch area has been full of mail bags and the UPS van was practically coming through the door today (as the photo shows)!
We hope that all of our customers receive their orders for Christmas presents on time and that Santa has been generous this year. We look forward to being of service to you again next year.

We'll be closed from 24th December to 28th December, are open on 29th and 30th December and reopen on Friday 2nd January 2009.


Venisha said…
i'm not a quilter but i have a question --that i was googling, and your blog was one of the firsts to come up.

anyway... a good friend of mine in Prague is insane about patchwork and asked me to send her some magazines from America. And since i live in NYC i was sure that i'd find a plethora of stuff --which i did-- but what would you recommend?? i picked up "Australian Patchwork & Quilting" but there's a lot of instruction in English and my friend's English is definitely not that good (its actually pretty bad even though she's been 'studying' it for years). Are there any magazines with simpler instructions?? maybe ones with lots of guide pictures?? or even some in Czech?? my spoken Czech also isn't good enough to explain any of the details to her. Any suggestions??

p.s. sorry to bombard your blog with this :(
BizzieLizzie said…
Dear Venisha
since patchwork is very visual you are right that a magazine with good pictures would be the right place to start - I would say something like Quilt Mania which is a European production and produced in a number of languages would be her best bet. If she speaks a bit of French (?) then the French version may be best for example.

Hope this help!
BizzieLizzie said…
Here's the link to the English version of Quilt Mania if you need it.


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