Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Pauline Burbidge Open Studio 2013

Charlie & Pauline’s OPEN STUDIO - 2013

This is our 20th year!!

2nd – 5th August, 11am – 6pm, for the 4 days

Our studios and gardens at Allanbank Mill Steading are transformed into magical places to show artwork, for this event.

The drawn line makes strong links and connections in our work - Charlie’s five foot square drawings, Pauline’s ‘Stitch Drawings’ and Olivia’s prints and drawings. 

Olivia Lomenech Gill (guest artist) – Combines the techniques of drawing, painting and printmaking in her work. She has won several awards for printmaking, most recently the 2012 John Purcell Award for ‘The Refuge Box’. She has recently illustrated the book ‘Where my wellies take me’ by Clare and Michael Morpurgo and has many other projects in hand.

Charles Poulsen – Has three strands to his work; drawing, sculpture and growing sculpture. His recent striking drawings can be viewed on his new website. www.charlespoulsendrawing.co.uk 

His ‘Growing Sculpture’ takes on a massive scale, and includes ‘Point of Resolution’ – map ref: NT354337, several bulb plantings in Dumfries, Hawick and East Kilbride, and developing ongoing pieces at Spottiswoode. www.growingsculpture.com 

Pauline Burbidge – Textiles, ‘Quiltscapes’ and ‘Stitch Drawings’. A chance to see some of the work she made for her retrospective show last year ‘PB Retro: Interpretations in Cloth’ – the publication ‘Works between 1975 and 2012’ is a record of this. Her works have been purchased by many UK museums including the V&A, the Whitworth Art Gallery, The Shipley Art Gallery, The National Museums of Scotland and also by USA museums and private collectors.

To view a location map please see www.paulineburbidge-quilts.comContact: Pauline or Charlie on 01890 818073

E: info@paulineburbidge-quilts.com

Allanbank Mill Steading, Allanton, Duns, Berwickshire, Scottish Borders, TD11 3JX
We encourage you to also visit a new exhibition venture, organized by our neighbours at Allanbank Arts.

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Friday, 19 April 2013

Amy Butler Alchemy Fabrics from Rowan

Amy Butler's latest fabric range from Rowan is called Alchemy and consists of 12 prints. Amy says that she designed Alchemy around the idea of transformation, and infusing elements of nature with exciting color and vivid graphic stories. Her vision was to achieve a lovely chemistry of print, colour, and texture. Below you can see inspiration photographs of the range from Amy's website as well as scans of some of the fabrics. We have also put together a fat quarter pack of all 12 of the fabrics.

If you visit Amy Butler's website there are details on a free quilt and pillow pattern to download.

The Sweet Slices Pillow Pattern is available as a free download.
 You can purchase the Amy Butler Alchemy fabrics here.

Amy Butler Alcehmy Fabrics

Fat Quarter Pack 5909FQ features all 12 prints from Alchemy

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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Industrial Cotton Production Heritage - Quarry Bank and Styal Mill

Cotton production - the manufacturing of fabric from cotton plant to finished product is amazing to me. Whether it's because some history teacher at school regaled us with stories of Hargreaves, Arkwright and the Flying Shuttle or the discovery that my family history is peppered with silk merchants, calico producers and dyers I don't know but there is something about the smell of an old mill - it's wood and oil, the cotton fibres and the contraptions that live there that never fails to captivate my imagination.

There are big social issues associated with these places and no doubt without the slave trade that helped the trading triangle between England, Africa and America to flourish none of these mills would exist. The working conditions for the children employed there for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week would hardly meet the European Working Time Directive.

Styal Mill near Manchester, England is a National Trust property and it's a great place to spend a few hours. The demonstrators of the machinery are knowledgeable and excellent at communicating the history of this place.  A wonderful demonstration of spinning technique has me wanting to find out more. Apparently there are associations of spinners, weavers and dyers. The original water mill is still providing power to the mechanised looms and the fabric that is woven there is sold in the shop.

If you are interested in industrial heritage and the story of the rise and fall of the cotton manufacturing industry in the UK then Styal would be the place to go.

About ten years ago it was certified for civil wedding ceremonies - my brother and his wife were married at Styal - it's a great backdrop to a wedding and holds many happy memories of that day for me together with the history of all the manufacturing that took place there over so many years - the essence of our
industrial heritage.

I really recommend it - great for fabric lovers, for husbands who love bits of machinery (my husband was as fascinated as I was) and the children there were captivated - how often do they see real manufacturing machinery - it's an impression that will probably last for a long time. Go!

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Monday, 8 April 2013

Valerie Huggins Quilts

Following on from our feature on one of our Danish Handi Quilter HQ18 Avante customers, we're now focusing on someone a little closer to home - Valerie Huggins from London.

Valerie had her Avante installed by Alan, our engineer, at her Studio in Cable Street, East London. Her website and blog showcase her quilts which are available to purchase. Val does commissions as well as offers collections off the shelf or bespoke to the size you require. 

Valerie describes her style of quilting...

My individually designed and handmade quilted throws are the products of a long-standing passion for textiles. In the traditions of quiltmaking, I select armfuls of fabrics, both patterned and plain, as my “palette”. But with the emphasis on contemporary style, I mix graphic, geometric and floral designs with strong colours in exciting, sometimes surprising combinations to complement the modern interior.

About Valerie Huggins

More recently she's discovered the benefit of the Groovy Boards on the HQ18 Avante which give great results for circles or squares - both spirals and concentric. These templates, which are used through a stylus controlled at the rear of the machine, repeat the circle or square precisely on the quilt top and are perfect for emphasising certain aspects of the design or fabric, drawing the eye in or creating movement within the quilt.

This is a great example where the quilting design has really enhanced and altered the look of a quilt. It creates a really Modern Quilting look.

Tresco - detail. Whole quilt 156 x 217cm £370

Valerie also has a blog which is well worth subscribing to. The link currently goes to a write-up of the Kaffe Fassett exhibition which is on until June 2013. 

Buy Valerie Huggins Quilts

If you're thinking about purchasing a Handi Quilter then seeing how others are using it and the kind of work that they are doing is key to making the right choice. Our machines are all EU certified and are despatched from our UK warehouse. 

Valerie took up the option to have her HQ18 Avante installed by Alan, our engineer. We offer training and quilt retreats with experienced teachers and Handi Quilter educators to ensure that you get full use of your investment.

To find out more visit our website or call us on 0121 702 2840 to find out more or 
to book an appointment at The Cotton Patch Quilt Studio.

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